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Black Stone Massage
Image by Ernest Karchmit

Thai Massage

Thai massage therapy has been practiced in Thailand for over 2500 years. Traditional Thai massage doesn’t use oils or lotions, and you’ll remain clothed throughout your treatment.
We combine stretching techniques to allow the body’s internal energy to flow more freely. There is constant contact between you and the masseuse. Traditional Thai massages can help relieve body pain, arthritic pain, headaches, and stress-related conditions.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing during your massage.

Thai massage 60 mins$129

Thai massage 90 mins$169

Thai massage 120 mins$239


Thai Aroma Massage

Thai Aroma Massage combines traditional Thai massage practices with Western-style Swedish massage techniques. This method reduces stress, boosts energy levels, relieves pain, and improves your range of motion. This combination relieves lesions and relaxes the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulder.
Warm aromatherapy oil is used to give a unique massage experience. Essential oils use aromatic compounds to boost your mood, cognitive, psychological, or physical well-being.

Thai Aroma 60 mins$129

Thai Aroma  90 mins$169

Thai Aroma 120 mins$239

Image by Ernest Karchmit

Swedish Massage

This well-known massage technique is customized to your specific needs. We work on relieving built-up tension leading to stiff muscles and poor circulation. A combination of rubbing, tapping, kneading, vibrations, and brushing the muscle fibers reduces tension and soreness. Swedish massage can help reduce stress, anxiety, muscle aches, chronic pain, and headaches.
Additionally, we combine soothing aromatherapy oils to lift your mood, improve blood flow, and energize the body throughout your treatment.

Swedish Massage 60 mins$129

Swedish Massage  90 mins$169

Swedish Massage 120 mins$239

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage concentrates on the deeper muscle and connective tissue layers to release knots or chronic tension. A combination of manual pressure on trigger points relieves discomfort and localized pain. Deep tissue massages can help with stress relief, pain, and sports injuries. Deep tissue massage is also an effective treatment method for various conditions, including arthritis and high blood pressure.
Depending on your needs, you’ll receive a personalized deep tissue massage to help overworked muscles and connective tissue.

Deep Tissue 60 mins $139

Deep Tissue 90 mins $179

Deep Tissue 120 mins $259

Image by Ernest Karchmit

Thai Plantar Reflexology 

Our Thai Foot Reflexology Massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that helps detox and purify the body. We apply pressure to specific areas of the soles of the feet to improve circulation, relieve stress, reduce stiffness, elevate your mood, and more.

30 mins $69

60 mins $129

Image by Rune Enstad
Back Massage

​Neck & Shoulder

The neck and shoulders are common problem areas. Our massage therapists help eliminate tension, improve circulation, and ease the muscles to reduce pain and fatigue. This ultra-relaxing massage is ideal for anyone experiencing neck or shoulder discomfort.

30 mins $69

60 mins $129

Couples Massage

Select our Coupes Massage to renew your energy. We offer couples massages in separate rooms to create a tranquil and uninterrupted feel. Our massage rooms are quiet, relaxing places to escape your daily responsibilities and focus on yourself.
Book one of our unique Couples Massages for a fun girls' day, a unique gift, or a romantic treat for you and your special someone.

60 mins  $249

90 mins  $359

120 mins $420

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